Amar Dhaliwal
CEO Atheer

Amar has worked at companies across three countries and has been directly involved in founding five businesses along the way. It was his third idea that would make him a sought after expert in enterprise software when he co-founded THINQ and helped create the category of Enterprise Learning Management. Today, as CEO of Atheer, he is part of the team creating the next essential category of enterprise software - The Augmented Reality Management Platform. 

As an advisor to Nugg, TeamFit, Obie, EdCast, GrowTech Labs, and Digital Cues, Amar has provided senior strategic counsel and business development expertise to businesses across Canada, U.K, and the U.S., helping mentor entrepreneurs as they undertake their own journeys. Amaris also a member of Google's Immersive Wearable Advisory Council.

When he's not obsessing over building great workplaces, making his customers successful and bringing the best possible product to market you'll find him supporting a perennially-underachieving EPL team, running in the rain, strumming on his guitar, and talking about starting his novel.


13:30 - 14:00