Dana Chermesh
Director of Urban Data and Innovation; co-founder of inCitu inCitu
I am an architect who specializes in urban renewal, currently focusing on big-data analytics and urban data science in order to form smarter, more resilience and more just cities, and to improve people’s quality of life.Gaining an ample experience within the atmosphere of Tel-Aviv’s rapid urban development has made me all the more eager to pursue my goal of developing viable, dynamic, data-driven tools and/or methods that could unlock the huge urban data set regarding urban densities, housing market behavior, urban resilience and spatial justice, and to suit these tools to planners, policy makers and the public, empowering residents and leaders to better deal with 21 century urban challenges.I believe in the considerable power of an excellent, intelligent design in improving people’s day-to-day lives, and that planners must acquire the skills to collect and manipulate large-scale datasets for assessing the financial, social and environmental outcomes of our work.My recent research work concentrates on housing policies and neighborhood change and the ways data science can be used to better understand these complexed social and spatial processes, reduce their externalities and expand the tools cities use when dealing with them. 


13:20 - 15:00

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