Sven Brunner
CEO Holo|one
Sven is founder and CEO of holo|one, a Mixed Reality enterprise software company offering sphere – the award-winning productivity & knowledge sharing application. In early 2018, holo|one was part of the Airbus Accelerator Program – selected out of more than 2000 applicants globally. Since then, sphere has been created in close collaboration with industry partners from various verticals, enabling holo|one to offer the most universally applicable solution available on the market. sphere and holo|one have since been awarded with several accolades, including the Swiss Industry 4.0 Award, the German Industry 4.0 Award as well as the Sinoswiss Business Incubation Competition securing access to the Chinese market. Currently, holo|one has offices in Zurich (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany), Chongqing (China) and San José CA (USA). Sven has been working in software development for several years including a position as Software Engineer at Disney Research and ETH Zurich. In his role as PM, he oversaw various engineering and integration projects for companies like the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) or V-Zug. Prior to starting holo|one, Sven has studied business informatics at University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – globally ranked within the top 10 Universities for Computer Science. Thereby, he could hone both a keen sense for business and a profound knowledge in software engineering and architecture. Furthermore, Sven was honored with the Swiss National Bank’s Economics Award.


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Start-up Pitches

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Sven Brunner | Holo|one

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