Danny Laker
Co-Founder & VP Global Alliances Mealmatch

Visionary, serial entrepreneur, university lecturer, international speaker on future cities & learning, strategic advisor to startups and digital advisor. Co-Founder and Founder of Mealmatch & fashionXact. My passion is connecting the dots between technology & people, closing gaps, creating new things and coaching/developing people and ideas. 

How breaking bread nurtures fashion retail? Human centric services and the demand for an adapting city culture to economic and social changes, requires new business models. Technology might close the gap or even create a larger void between people and technology. It all depends on how we interact. Through mealmatch and fashionXact, we created a platform solution that is truly human centric and has the potential to help transform our understanding of how to merge on and offline worlds.

Take a step back and imagine…if breaking bread was the amplifier igniting innovation in the urban environment. How would our local economy and city life benefit from the intrinsic motivation of people? How would our society benefit from the increasing quality of life our cities provided? What if you could facilitate matching the right people, and provide a common ground over a joined meal, a trip in the city, identifying a common ground for a real life experience: nurturing body and soul, enabling local businesses and creating moments that last?


18:46 - 19:16

Creator Track Chair Day 2

Danny Laker | Mealmatch