Daniel Japiassu
CEO YDX Innovation

CEO of YDX Innovation, Daniel Japiassu is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience leading innovative technology companies. He is an award-winning producer of digital content and immersive storytelling and an evangelist for Virtual and Augmented Reality.Daniel has led YDX, previously known as YDreams Global to become a publicly listed company in Canada. Since his start as one of the partners, the company has achieved substantial revenues, expansion from Brazil to Canada and the USA and has delivered thousands of projects for several Fortune 100 companies, such as Coca-Cola, Cisco, Qualcomm, Audi, Disney, Nike, NBA and the city of Rio.He was responsible for the conceptualization of the Company’s first product, Arkave VR Arena – - a gaming platform that brings the most immersive Virtual Reality experience to Location Based venues with a highly scalable business model.Daniel is passionate about human-centered technologies,gaming, Virtual and Augmented Realities and how the physical world is becoming smarter through digital tech.


Oct 18

10:00 - 10:30

Hall 2
Main Stage

Canadian Perspective: How to fuel the future of the VR/AR ecosystem.

Dan Burgar | Shape Immersive

Nancy Basi | Versatile Media

Joannah Apelo | VR Vision Inc

Peter Wittig |

Daniel Japiassu | YDX Innovation