Frédéric Lecompte
Co Founder Backlight

Frédéric co-founded BackLight in 2008 as a CG animation studio, focusing on craft and high-level rendering while diversifying into new territories like AR back in 2010 or VR in 2014. For the last eleven years, Fred has developed BackLight into a pioneer in modern VR with with nearly 50 projects developed. Today, BackLight develops its own licenses for LBVR, from dynamic rides to high end hyper reality contents like Eclipse. Having developed BackLight into the most rewarded French studio in VR, Fred has a unique perspective on the market, both with regard to entertainment and brand content.


Oct 18

11:00 - 11:30


Moving the Needle Towards XR Mass-Adoption with Location-Based VR

Emily Olman | SpatialFirst

Frédéric Lecompte | Backlight

Thomas Wagner | VR Coaster