Thibault Mathieu
Founder & Creative Producer Wilkins Avenue AR

Thibault Mathieu is a creative producer and founder of Wilkins Avenue, a new consulting & production company specializing in narrative, immersive experiences. With a focus on location-based entertainment, Wilkins Avenue is developing a slate of premium AR & VR out-of-home experiences in partnership with brands, theme parks and entertainment centers. Most notably, Mathieu is the creator of "Out There", the world's first immersive musical in Spatial Computing. Prior to founding Wilkins Avenue, he served as Head of Creative Innovation, VR & AR at Webedia Group – a leading, global digital media & entertainment group with more than 4 billion YouTube views each month. At Webedia, Mathieu produced and conceived event VR & AR experiences for major European brands such as SNCF and Futuroscope. He worked on VR & AR concepts for Disneyland Paris, Maybelline, Samsung, and many others.