Arome Ibrahim
Co-Founder & XR Business Analyst Experis Immersive

Arome Ibrahim is a 360° Virtual Reality Developer, Product Manager (XR), Business Analyst, and Impact Entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder of Experis Immersive - An Extended Reality (XR) content development agency creating immersive, innovative, and interactive experiences. Arome is the team lead at Immersive Tech Africa, a not-for-profit membership community for VR/AR/MR/360VR businesses, professionals, and initiatives across Africa. Arome was selected as one of the ten Emerging African Creators by Garage Stories & New Images Festival Paris 2021 and participated in the Immersive Experience Focus Program, organized by the Institut Français and New Images Festival 2022. He is an awardee of the Top 50 Voices in VR, AR, and 3D by Threedium (2021) for his passion for democratizing Extended Reality (XR) in Africa in the field of Education, Arts, and Culture.


Oct 20

14:30 - 14:55


Extended Reality (XR): Shaping Africa's Digital Future

Arome Ibrahim | Experis Immersive