Isabel De Peuter-Rutten
Co-Founder & Treasurer Euromersive | Federation of EU XR Professionals

Isabel De Peuter-Rutten is a nomadic explorer – she has a background and several years of experience within international companies with regards to finance, HR, consulting and since 2018 she’s also totally immersed in XR. She’s very oriented towards emerging technologies & humanity.

As such she strives for accessibility and integration of new technologies for the common good with respect and integrity for human, humanitarian in her explorations by connecting people of interest to achieve something great together.

She’s a co-founder & Treasurer at Euromersive, the GatherVerse EU Director and as a female entrepreneur the CEO of XR-One|Mizik & Exploring Life.


Oct 21

09:40 - 10:30


Accessibility/5G in Europe

Heitor Bravi | Pico Interactive

Isabel De Peuter-Rutten | Euromersive | Federation of EU XR Professionals

Olivier Zitvogel | MACKNeXT

Daria Fedko | WeAR Studio