Hobin Chen
Business Development Manager Haegin

Haegin is a mobile game startup company that was found in 2017. The company has successfully launched 5 games so far, with its most successful title being Play Together, a social networking metaverse game.

Like its name which stands for longevity in old Korean, Haegin aims to make games that leave a lasting positive impression and become a company that is respected and loved by players around the world.

Hobin Chen is a manager of the Business Development Department at Haegin, a Korean mobile game company that is well known for its recent success with the metaverse game Play Together. At Haegin, Hobin is part of the team that manages platform relations and overseas businesses and works at the frontline of seeking, opening and managing overseas business opportunities while making sure that the company maintains good relations with partners and major platforms. Starting his mobile game industry career at Com2uS in 2012, Hobin has focused on overseas businesses since the beginning and worked with various titles, taking part in their success in the global market.


Oct 21

12:15 - 13:15


Korean Start-Ups Showcase

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