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Booth: 900
Pavillon: Eyewear Pavilion

We are engaged in the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of wearable display devices also referred to as head mounted displays (or HMDs), in the form of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, Virtual Reality (VR) glasses and Smart Glasses. Our wearable display products are referred to as, Video Eyewear, head mounted wearable displays, video glasses, personal viewers, near-eye virtual displays, and near-eye displays or NEDs. Our wearable display products provide virtual large high-resolution screens, fit in a user’s pocket or purse and can be viewed practically anywhere, anytime. They can also be used for VR and AR applications, in which the wearer is either immersed in a computer generated world or has their real world view augmented with computer generated information or graphics. We produce and sell two main types of wearable display products: Smart Glasses for a variety of enterprise and commercial users and applications, including AR; and Video Viewing glasses (for on-the-go users as mobile displays for entertainment, gaming as well as support for stepping into virtual worlds, simulations & VR gaming). Our products are available with varying features, including with and without application running computer processors, and are offered as either monocular or binocular display systems.