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Beijing 7Invensun Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 832
Pavillon: Major Sponsors Pavilion
7invensun is a high-tech corporation dedicated in machine vision and Artificial Intelligence(AI), empowered by complete proprietary intellectual property rights. Since its foundation, the company has been focusing on R&D and innovation in eye tracking technologies, aiming to upgrade human-machine interactive experiences on all terminal devices. In the past 9 years, with eye tracking communication assistant devices, 7invensun has helped tens of thousands of patients who had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS), lost communicative abilities or disabled people to restore their communication and regain motivation to live. From 2014 to 2016, the company has acquired investment from the mobile chip giant Qualcomm Inc. for three consecutive years; In 2015, the company’s eye-tracking commination assistive devices were highly regarded by Premier Li Keqiang, affirming 7invensun’s contribution for disabled people; In 2016, the company released the world’s first VR eye-tracking module aGlass, taking the lead in fulfilling three “black technologies” – foveated rendering, eye tracking interaction and eye-tracking data. 7invensun’s mission is to grow into one of China’s best enterprises in original technologies, lead the constant development of the frontier technology of eye tracking, and put it into a wide range of applications in intelligent medicine, VR/AR, smart phones, advertisement and media, smart cars, robots and aerospace, etc. Connect the World with Your Eyes!