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Booth: 912
Pavilion: Eyewear Pavilion
Grepow is a lithium polymer battery manufacturing company that specializes in high discharge-rate and high energy density batteries. With years of battery development, Grepow has successfully developed custom shaped LiPo batteries. An advancement that pushes the limits of technology and design, to maximize any application’s battery run-time. Grepow has produced square, triangular, round, curved, and all sorts of customized batteries to meet the increasing demand of new devices. Batteries have been produced for various applications such as wearable tech, military, medical, IoT, robotics, drone/uav, RC, powertools, and varios others. Grepow technologies have reached all over the world thanks to operating branches established in the United States of America, Germany, and China. No matter what application, our 20 years of expertise will ensure the utmost quality is given when customizing a unique battery for your application.