Tish Shute
Director AR/VR Futurewei Technologies

Tish Shute is Director of Spatial Computing at Futurewei Technologies, Inc., working at the intersection of science, technology, and design, to shape the future of computing and communications. I have directed the research and development of display & sensor technologies, next generation optics & photonics, new approaches to computer vision and AI, AR/VR, and new imaging, simulation platforms for AVs & mobile machines.

Currently I'm focused on the new web for spatial computing and open source initiatives e.g., Rust & Web Assembly, which are bringing the performance capabilities needed for spatial computing, previously only available to native applications, to the open web.

Previously, I worked with Will Wright (Sims, Sim City) at Stupid Fun Club developing next generation entertainment - AI agents in reality based simulations, smart toys, Augmented Reality TV & games, & as co-founder at Syntertainment (THRED), a new generation of mobile social experiences based on innovative approaches to machine learning & AI.