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Linda Jacobson
Board Member Virtual Worlds Society
Linda J. helped create and define the commercial VR industry ecosystem, and has 30 years of continuous experience in VR hardware and software development, marketing, corporate strategy, content production, communications, intellectual property protection, and partner acquisition. These days Linda J enjoys producing AR apps for businesses, leading an enterprise XR dev team, and collaborating with innovators to address global health and wellness challenges, especially those related to brain fitness and eldercare. Claims to fame: co-founding editor of Wired; world’s first VR Evangelist (for Silicon Graphics); one of the first live mo-cap performance artists; co-founder of the SF Bay Area’s first VR user group; and author of books Garage Virtual Reality and CyberArts and hundreds of trade magazine articles. Linda is the 2016 recipient of the Virtual Worlds Society “Nextant” medallion for her contributions to the field. 

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