Chris Nunes
Head of Studio Heavy
Chris Nunes is the Head of Studio at HEAVY (, a multi-Auggie award-winning AR lab with partner BC Biermann. At HEAVY, Chris runs all client engagements, user experience strategy, and production. Chris was formerly an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, past chair of the IEEE Augmented Reality Industry Connections initiative, and chair emeritus of the SHC Student Launch Initiative, a high school tech incubator in San Francisco. At HEAVY, the team specializes in interactive, large format, public art installations, but the lab also consults with enterprise and retail clients on prototypes, creative campaigns, and AR-first experiences. HEAVY’s clients include global household technology brands like Google and Tesla, public & private art committees like Miami Art in Public Places and Atlanta’s WonderRoot, cities & governments like the City of Moscow and the European Union Commission on Civil Rights, schools & institutions like the University of Geneva and Voices of the Children, and real estate developers, architects & fine artists like JW Marriott, Fisher Brothers, Momo, and Vexta.