Lisa Watts
CEO & Founder One/Twenty1
Lisa M Watts is a passionate technologist with a strong background in developer relations, business development, marketing strategy, creative direction and virtual reality production. Lisa's deep hands-on technical expertise in both software and hardware development, coupled with her unique view on the marketplace have kept Lisa on the forefront of technology innovation. She is known for working closely with partners to develop and implement early technology with an eye towards market viability and leadership. In her role as chief VR marketing strategist at Intel Corporation over the last 3 years, Lisa has been at the forefront of advising and producing some of the most innovative projects. Her partnership with ESL and Oculus led to the first ever VR esports league. Lisa led Intel's initial prototype investment and was an adviser on "Spheres" by director Eliza McNitt. Her promotion of the director and the project, (which included event appearances, digital marketing campaign and more) laid the foundation for "Spheres" to become the first ever VR experience of its type to be acquired for distribution and it went on to win multiple awards. Lisa also spearheaded the effort to digitize Intel's entire 2018 CES booth making it the very first live, virtual booth of it's kind, enabling visitors from around the world to visit the booth and interact with virtual staffers. Lisa is known for her expertise in bringing VR to live event activations, especially in connecting virtual and in person attendees. She has continued to produce and advise on social VR projects such as the creation of Ready Player One's Aech's Garage and Basement as well as the replication of the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery. Through her efforts, Intel was able to establish a brand beachhead in the marketplace that has been instrumental in ensuring Intel's place in the immersive technologies ecosystem for years to come. As of 2019, Lisa established her own VR production and consulting company, One/Twenty1.