Artist and Game Designer University of California Santa Cruz
A.M. Darke is a conceptual artist, game designer, and activist designing games for social impact. She created the award-winning card game Objectif, which explores the intersection of race, gender, and standards of beauty. Her work focuses on maximizing agency for marginalized bodies, experimental VR, gamification of empathy, everyday impact, and ethical trolling.


09:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Grand Ballroom C

Afrofuturism and immersive design: New frontiers in Afrocentric art + entertainment

Jasmine Roberts | Google

Kristina Williams | CULTURxEAT

A.M. DARKE | University of California Santa Cruz

Charity Everett | MIT Open Documentary Lab

Siciliana Trevino | Quirkeley

Kai Frazier | Curated x Kai