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Ubimax is a leading provider of fully integrated industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions. The solution platform Ubimax Frontline improves manual work processes across industries along the entire value chain on the basis of the latest wearable computing technologies. The solutions are designed to consciously empower the human worker in an increasingly digitized working environment. The Ubimax Frontline solutions have received numerous awards, including the Auggie Award for "Best Enterprise Solution", the MHI Award for "Best IT Innovation" and McKinseys German Digital Award, The Spark. ABI Research calls Ubimax the world's leading company for industrial wearables and augmented reality solutions. In addition to four locations in Germany, Ubimax has subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico. With more than eight years of industry experience and a remarkable track record in wearable computing, augmented reality, mixed reality, and sensor systems, Ubimax is leading the way. Ubimax today serves more than 350 customers (typically Fortune 500 companies, such as Samsung, DHL, Schlumberger, Airbus, Daimler, ) worldwide and continues to grow.