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Arvizio delivers enterprise solutions for augmented and mixed reality experiences utilizing Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, virtual reality and mobile devices. Our MR Studio software platform brings new levels of efficiency with multi-user, multi-location 3D collaboration, visualization of complex BIM, CAD and LiDAR 3D models with integrated documentation and real-time IoT data integration for digital twin scenarios. MR Studio supports a wide range of spatial data formats and allows users to ingest, process and prepare their complex 3D models, integrate seamlessly with existing IT systems and enables local and remote participants to collaborate utilizing live audio, video and 3D holographic content. MR Studio offers engineers, architects, construction workers, trainers and other stakeholders the unique ability to place a virtual model in the environment where it will operate, view spatial restrictions or other obstacles, identify potential design issues and ensure that the finished concept meets the requirements. The ability to view and interact with a virtual 3D model serves as an essential, and cost-saving, method to present an object or design without the need for a physical model, identify potential flaws early in the process, and provide a positive customer experience.