Christopher Lafayette
Emergent Technologist HoloPractice

An Emergent Technologist in medtech, climate change, education, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, artificial intelligence, telepresence, disruptive media and several additional applied sciences. Thought leader. Ecobiotic Diversity Advocate.  Christopher is a Silicon Valley National & International speaker. Founder of XR platforms, Flotilla, HoloPractice and the Immersive Directory. 


02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Mission City Ballroom
Main Stage

Diversity and Inclusion and its Impact on Emerging Technologies

Christopher Lafayette | HoloPractice

Lawrence Wagner | Spark Mindset

Deidre Diamond | Secure Diversity

Alina Kadlubsky | Open AR Cloud

April Boyd-Noronha | XR Safety Initiative

Kavya Pearlman | XR Safety Initiative