Jacquelyn Morie
Founder All These Worlds, LLC

With advanced degrees in both art & computer science, Dr. Morie has 25 years experience developing innovative techniques for rich, emotionally evocative immersive experiences. In 2004 she invented a scent collar to bring the emotional power of smell to VR, and pioneered new types of connections to multiple sensor, audio and feedback systems to make VR more effective. Dr. Morie spent 13 years as a Sr. Research Scientist at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), which she helped found. In the mid-1990s, Dr. Morie created comprehensive computer animation training programs at Walt Disney Feature Animation, which she later expanded to the special effects studios such as Rhythm and Hues. She is the Founder and Chief Scientist of her own tech company All These Worlds, LLC and serves on the Advisory Board of the Virtual World Society. Currently she is a consultant to the XPRIZE Foundation.


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