Natasha Murray
DJ/Artist/XR Event Producer Virtualsports
Illuminatty is a VR DJ who is known for her shows in Altspace VR, Wave XR, Sansar, Neos, Twitch, and Mixer. She has been spinning with Tribe XR for just over a year, remotely bringing an eclectic mix of tech house and breaks to real-life venues around the world. She is currently a resident DJ for VirtualSports, an entertainment center located near Seattle, about 800 miles away from her home in Oakland, CA. Also known for her artwork, she is a featured Oculus Medium artist, and appeared in their global sculpting battle, Road To Tokyo, Episode 2. With a love of blending art and music, she designs her own stages for her resident performances at Wave XR, often using storytelling to embellish her designs and DJ sets.