Tish Shute
Dir. Spatial Computing Strategy & Technology Futurewei Technologies

I'm focused on a rapidly evolving stack of technologies making reality the new platform for computing. My mission is to bring these new technologies into the mainstream to enhance people's lives. I have extensive product experience: from technology planning and research, to rapid prototyping and shipping product, business development, partnerships, and ecosystems.

I'm Director of AR/V & Spatial Computing, Strategy & Technology Planning, at Futurewei Technologies, Inc., working at the intersection of science, technology, and design to shape the future of computing and communications. I have done research and development of display & sensor technologies, next generation optics & photonics, new approaches to computer vision and AI, AR/VR, and new simulation platforms for AVs & mobile machines.

Currently I'm focused on the new web for spatial computing and a browser for spatial computing based on open source initiatives e.g., Rust & Web Assembly, which are bringing the performance capabilities needed for spatial computing, previously only available to native applications, to the open web.


Nov 9

10:30 AM - 10:55 AM

Grand Ballroom C

A Web of Perception and Shared Context

Tish Shute | Futurewei Technologies