Shachar Weis
Founder and CTO Packet39

Shachar (usually goes by Vice) is a software developer with over 25years of broad R&D experience. He has worked in many fields and disciplines, from ancient mainframes to tiny system-on-chip units. Vice has extensive experience with 3D platforms, game development, immersive experiences, computer vision and machine learning, robotics, CAD and photogrammetry. Vice has worked with first-tier customers like Disney, Sears, GE and Mazda, had his interactive content installed in museums all over the world and often speaks at VR/Healthcare events.

In recent years Vice has worked extensively in the VR/AR domain, with a focus on healthcare, nuclear power, aviation, simulators and safety training. Vice also founded, a Virtual Reality MRI/CT simulator designed to reduce the number of children that require sedation during the scan.

Vice is a tinkerer, maker, 3D scanning enthusiast and photographer. Follow some of Vice's projects on his blog: