Deirdre V. Lyons
VR Actor/Producer Double Eye Studios
Deirdre V. Lyons began her VR work with The Willows, which was filmed and released as a 180 VR film on the Amaze app. She also appeared in Freakin’ Weekend, another 180 VR film from Amaze. In 2019 she joined the ensemble cast of The Under Presents, a time and mind bending immersive theater experience in VR that was selected as a finalist for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media, as well as a Shakespearean production from the same studio, Tender Claws, called The Under Presents: Tempest, a live, part scripted/part improvised, immersive experience that audiences attend from home, using a virtual reality headset. Deirdre was also a principle in Finding Pandora X by Double Eye Studios, Winner of Best Immersive Experience in Venice VR Expanded, the official Virtual Reality competition section of the 77th Venice International Film Festival.