Richard Hirschhuber
CEO MXR Tactics

Richard Hirschhuber grew up in a Tyrolean tourism entrepreneur family and at the age of 19 took over a discotheque and the associated restaurant for a total of 1,500 guests. Soon after, he ran three restaurants and a youth hotel until he took over the Auracher Löchl restaurant, which had adorned the old town of Kufstein for 600 years. After the successful development, Richard Hirschhuber sold the Hotel & Restaurant after around 20 years.


He realized early on that delegating is more important to him than being delegated. After countless tourism consultancy projects for breweries and other tourism companies, he switched to retail and IT technology, companies in e-mobility and the sharing economy in 2016. With Greenstorm he managed to achieve an annual turnover of 50 million euros with around 150 employees. Hirschhuber is currently not operational at Greenstorm and his company Alpenauto, where he rents vehicles to the hotel industry in exchange for room vouchers.


He is currently operational as the managing partner of "Super Tracker", the world's smallest IoT GPS tracker and its associated SaaS platform. In addition to “Super Rent”, a new and sometimes unique rental system that takes advantage of the Super Tracker and represents a solution for sharing and mobility providers.


In another business area, Hirschhuber heads the company MXR Tactics, with an AI-based training simulation and training solution for the areas of gaming, industry, healthcare and defense ”. He also runs “Tacitile Brand”, an object-based community with a timeline information system.

"It is important to have a product with which you identify yourself, because only then can you be successful with it," says Hirschhuber, who also implements his projects himself.