M. Pell
Envisioneer Microsoft

M. Pell leads The Microsoft Garage in NYC, part of the company’s worldwide innovation program for moving ideas forward quickly. Bold, insightful, and uncompromising, Pell is recognized as a world-class designer and industry thought leader in next gen visualization. Pell’s evolution from intrepid entrepreneur, to VC-backed startup veteran, to corporate man for Adobe and Microsoft has given him a unique perspective on how to combine business, experience, and technology to create breakthrough experience.

Pell’s first book, “Envisioning Holograms” is considered a must-have for tomorrow’s most influential storytellers and explorers. His second book “The Age of Smart Information” details how the fundamental nature of communication is transforming with the combination of AI and Spatial technologies. In his new interactive book, “Visualizing Business”, Pell illustrates how we can see the invisible workings and flows of global enterprises in an entirely new light.