Eric Prince
Founder & CEO ART[XR]

A pioneer in Metaverse creation and mobile gaming, Eric is a technologist and artist with 26 years of experience in online game development, commercializing 3D spatial computing and webXR metaverse technologies. Eric founded ArtXR in 2019 to solve many of the problems he saw in the commercial presentation of non-traditional art forms. Eric’s early experience included design and development stints at some of the largest gaming and digital effects studios, including Sony SOE, Microsoft, Electronic Arts (EA), and Epic Games. He designed one of the earliest full Metaverse projects (the Evolve Project) and an early prototype for SmartCity Tourism virtual Metaverse for the city of Dubai. In 2016, Eric co-founded one of the first webXR companies for e-commerce (Cimmerse) solving multi platform browser based AR/VR technology solutions. He is also an accomplished visual artist and gallery owner, whose gallery in Copenhagen is known for showing contemporary artists that use cutting edge technologies to tell compelling stories. Eric studied computer animation, computer graphics, printmaking and art history at Academy of Arts College, San Francisco and Northwestern Michigan University.


Jun 3

02:05 PM - 02:30 PM


The XR-NFT Experience: A New Digital Art Paradigm

Eric Prince | ART[XR]

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