Dennis Nuis
Consultant | Community and Change Manager Caveman Studio

Dennis is a community and change manager as well as developer at Caveman Studio. Caveman Studio is known for the game Contractors VR, a military competitive multiplayer VR game. Contractors VR allows gamers to experience a next-level VR battlefield with intense firefights, co-op missions, lethal weapons and customizable loadout.

Dennis has been part of the Dutch special forces, which gives him real-life knowledge and experience.

Dennis is also an enthusiastic VR gamer, known as LON W1CK and the founder of STR1VE-GAMING, a competitive VR team which strives to make more people enthusiastic about VR gaming, specifically VR shooters. SG intends to do this by providing training to interested individuals, create exciting content and win competitions.

Dennis' personal view is that VR gaming is on the rise and that exciting new possibilities are on the horizon which will allow for a more than next-level VR experience (on and off the battlefield).


Jun 2

03:45 PM - 04:35 PM


Pushing Boundaries with VR Gaming & Esports

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