Ofer Baharav
CEO Villa

Ofer is a serial entrepreneur leading b2b and b2c communications platforms currently heading the popular VR application Villa, a Metaverse creation & NFT collaboration platform with hundreds of thousands of active users. Ofer's vision for Villa: 'As good as Westworld and indistinguishable from reality by 2030'. He is convinced that already today communications in VR are multiples more effective than IRL and videoconferencing combined. Ofer is a Python-AI and photogrammetry enthusiast. Calling UE game designers, creators, performers, and NFT projects to get in touch about collaboration opportunities over Villa.


Jun 2

03:40 PM - 05:10 PM


Startup Pitch Competition: Part 2

Chaitanya Ravi | SentioVR

Amber Hawkes | Here LA

Ariella Lehrer | Legacy Games

Ofer Baharav | Villa

Quentin Turner | Intrinsic XR

Pearly Chen | HTC Vive

Giovanni Fantoni Modena Fantoni Fantoni | Vitruvian

David A. Smith | Croquet

Tipatat Chennavasin | The Venture Reality Fund

Dave Haynes | FOV Ventures

Kristina Serafim | Verizon Ventures

Alex Coulombe | Heavenue / Agile Lens

Sherry Chang | Neural Lab

Dominique Wu | XReality Academy