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Metaverse and Future of Learning


Metaverse has taken the educational sector by a storm, with Metaverse Universities (Metaversities) and Schools of Metaverse Engineering popping up all over the world and accelerating learning outcomes. We are at the beginning of a fascinating era for teaching and learning; Education sector has traditionally been a cautious adopter, but with Metaverse engaging students in immersive and active, not passive, learning, the future of Metaverse for education looks strong. In this talk, Didem Un Ates will discuss this disruptive technology positive impact for education as well as the reasons and enablers for its rapid adoption.


Head of Applied Strategy, Data & AI, CDO Office , Microsoft

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Are you ready to experience the future of learning? Join us for a first-of-its-kind conference talk that will take you beyond the boundaries of traditional lectures and videos. As you walk into the room, you will find a headset on every seat that will become part of your toolkit on a journey that seamlessly blends in-person, online and immersive experiences. This introduction to the tribrid model will demonstrate a world where the boundaries of the lecture hall are shattered, and the possibilities of learning are endless. Get ready to be fully immersed in an experience where learning is not only accessible but also inspiring.


Founder and Executive Producer , Meridian Treehouse
Founder , Th3 Third Door


The promise of VR as the answer to what ails education has been widely touted. Yes, it's immersive and engaging, but do students retain what they learn, and is it a viable scalable alternative?

Welcome to the great debate. Team VR will feature Steve Grubbs, CEO of Victory XR which has already created digital twins for 12 university campuses. Team No VR features John Katzman as an American Ed-tech pioneer s an American EdTech pioneer. He has established numerous companies which assist students with their studies and career choices, including Princeton Review, 2U, and Noodle Partners. But he is not a fan of VR for education. The audience will be persuaded and vote for one side or another in this important debate. Moderated by Robin Raskin, longtime journalist, educator and events creator.


Founder , Virtual Events Group
CEO , VictoryXR
CEO , Noodle


Stellantis and have been creating new VR training programs to transform the effectiveness of their workers in concert with the UAW.

Virtual Reality training is perfectly suited to the complex Stellantis manufacturing environment. One of the main aims of their training is to reduce to zero the danger of personal accidents and expensive mistakes. VR allows for highly realistic simulation training, that is deeply engaging for learners.

The goals of the VR training program are:

• Improve training outcomes for workers
• Improve safety, quality and proficiency of workers
• Ultimately they want to use AR / VR to improve production outcomes
• drive proficiency, efficiency and quality
• create real time manufacturing aids

Umajin have created a powerful VR / AR Authoring platform, that significantly reduces the cost of content creation. It provides:

• 3D content pipeline to make it easy to bring in existing assets. With the NVIDIA Omniverse tools the 3D models can be imported from the live manufacturing data from the Siemens CAD systems.
• It allows for multi participant scenarios
• Accurate tracking of people, tools and props within the VR environment
• LMS integration
• After action review


CEO , Umajin


The term “metaverse” has become the latest corporate buzzword, but how will virtual reality truly integrate into our professional lives?

To answer this question, think back to the late 90s: commercial internet access shrunk the world and established a new playing field for companies to facilitate team interaction, marketing, and product distribution.

Today, executives have a similar opportunity to transform their business’ operations and engage with customers in an immersive environment via the metaverse.

Opening up endless possibilities for communication, collaboration, morale and workplace culture, VR enables coworkers to catch up, watch a presentation, and brainstorm in an array of immersive settings without ever leaving home.

Join Andrew Hawken, CEO and Co-Founder of Mesmerise, and Leslie Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer at Mesmerise, as they discuss how companies can embrace VR for enhanced hybrid work environments. They'll also address the practicality of the medium and current tech limitations.


CEO & Co-Founder , Mesmerise
Chief Marketing Officer , Mesmerise


When people think of XR technology, consumer activities and gaming tend to dominate the conversation. But with ongoing business disruptions, including persistent labor shortages and widening skills gaps, business applications could emerge on top for XR in 2023. In fact, according to Deloitte, the U.S. manufacturing industry alone is expected to have 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030. There is a need for digital transformation.

From retailers to manufacturers, businesses are looking to the functionality of XR technology to enhance operations, especially in regard to training for high-risk, industrial jobs. High-impact industries such as manufacturing and construction are just a couple of the real-world environments where employee mistakes can prove fatal.

While traditional classroom settings can bolster learning retention, most acquire 70% of the necessary skills from the type of experiential learning that XR training provides. In the future, if new hires have access to immersive training (as if they’re on the shop floor), not only will the process become more interactive and therefore more easily applied, but workplace accidents could lower significantly – meaning more lives could be saved.

In this presentation, Shilpa Prasad, director of new ventures at LG Electronics and in-house metaverse expert and entrepreneur in residence at LG NOVA, LG Electronics’ North American Innovation Center, will discuss:

• An outlook of the future of training– including haptics, AR/VR/XR, and remote learning
• How businesses can leverage XR/VR/AR tech in workforce training from the ground up, and what is needed in the modern workforce to drive the digital transformation
• Real-life companies and case studies, such as IQ3 Connect, who are developing this immersive technology with large corporate partners


Sr Mgr of Business Development , LG Nova