Shilpa Prasad
Director of New Ventures LG Electronics

Shilpa Prasad is an experienced leader in the startup ecosystem with a strong passion for entrepreneurship and corporate startup engagement/innovation. Within the LG NOVA team, Shilpa is focused on exploring innovations in the metaverse industry. In particular, she is working on the use of XR to create solutions for the future of work.

Prior to LG NOVA, Shilpa was the Chief Growth Officer at YouNoodle Inc, where she was instrumental in driving innovation for various open innovation projects across corporations, governments, accelerators, and establishing new partnerships across the global startup ecosystem.

Shilpa was also the co-founder of LongPlay, Inc. an early stage startup that helps corporations to find & engage with new technologies that are under the radar and right for them. An avid enthusiast of the startup world and women founders, she also spends her time helping and mentoring startup founders across the globe.


Jun 2

02:30 PM - 02:55 PM