Nathan C Bowser
Sr. Brand Manager Streem

Teaching the world's leading brands how to communicate and collaborate with augmented reality (AR) at, Nathan C Bowser is a customer-first marketer with a passion for helping businesses turn great experiences into measurable results. Nathan is an extensively published business technology writer and speaker who has been teaching and using AR and VR in marketing since 2015.


Dec 7

10:42 PM - 11:12 PM

XR Virtual Collaboration Workshop

Christina Kinne | XaosPrincess

Maya Komadina | Virbela

Charlie Fink | Forbes

Jason Marsh | Flow Immersive

Philip Rosedale | Linden Lab

Brianna Scully | Spatial

Anne McKinnon | Ristband

Nanette Martinez | Qualcomm

Michael DiBenigno | Flow Immersive

Nathan C Bowser | Streem

Chris Madsen | Immersive VR Education

Devon Copley | Avatour

Amy Peck | Endeavor VR

Gabe Baker | Virbela

Michael Potts | M2 Studio