Terry Schussler
Director, Immersive Technology (5G) Deutsche Telekom AG
Terry works within Deutsche Telekom’s 5G group driving research and the creation of immersive products that leverage the value of 5G and edge compute services. He collaborates with vendors of XR devices and enabling technologies to build a future that delivers pervasive and personalized B2B and B2C immersive experiences. While innovating 200+ software products for over 50M users he has focused on making software smarter for users while leveraging technology to enable new forms of communication.


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Mission City
Main Stage

How Edge Compute + 5G Are Enabling Pervasive XR

Hiren Bhinde | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Alisha Seam | AT&T Foundry

Terry Schussler | Deutsche Telekom AG

JR Dawkins | Verizon Media

Ali Daniali | T-Mobile

Nima Shams | RealWear Inc.