AWE Playground

Back by popular demand, the AWE Playground is our 20,000 square foot AR+VR experience center featuring jaw-dropping, highly immersive and interactive demos not seen under one roof anywhere else.

Join us in the AWE Playground in Hall D of the Santa Clara Convention Center during these hours of operation:

Thursday, May 30
6:00-7:00PM AWE Happy Hour

Friday, May 31

The AWE Playground is accessible to all valid ticket types including our All Access passes and expo only passes. Check out the Playground Floor Plan here

Learn more about this year's experiences


Company: Across Realities

Experience Title: Spatiate

Booth: 21


Description: Spatiate is a collaborative art creation experience that brings Spatial Computing to everyone by bridging mobile AR with high-end HMDs. Available on Magic Leap, iOS and Android, paint together in a shared reality with immersive local co-presence or engage with remote users around the world.

Company: Asian American Artist Anita Yan Wong
Experience Title:  Contemporary Traditional Art Exhibition – AR ink
Booth:  10

Description: The display looks like an actual small art gallery with a total of 5 paintings. Viewers will be able to see ink drip in space falling onto the actual paintings and interact with the animated ink drips for a VR experience.

Company: AReality3D

Experience Title: Cool AR Hacks by @yosun

Booth: 1053


Description: Cool AR hacks and experiences by @yosun 2019 edition! CV + ML + IoT and more...


Company: Chicken Waffle Experience

Title: Baby Hands: XR Daycare!
Booth: 12

Description: Cross-platform XR gameplay arena! Get a sneak peak at the upcoming sequel to Baby Hands, and challenge your friends in a zany retro multiplayer eSports arena! Come play some awesome new (unseen) content by Chicken Waffle, and compete against other attendees in a fun XR arena partnered with CENTERTEC!

Company: Diageo
Experience Title: Decisions: Party's Over

Description: Crafted by Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, “Decisions: Party’s Over” is a Virtual Reality experience that encourages responsible consumption through traumatic storylines. Toggling between four different points of view, the experience brings to life a party that ends with the sobering realities and dangers associated with binge drinking. 

Company: HoloCap
Experience Title: HoloCap for VR/AR simulator
Booth: 15

Description: HoloCap demonstrates real-time and pre-captured volumetric video for an advanced industrial VR and AR simulator by Ocean Industries Concept Lab. The result is one of the most advanced, complete and functional industry simulators with big data/cloud/real sensor input, real-time volumetric video and both VR and AR (HoloLens) synchronized user interface. 

Company: Kluge Interactive
Experience Title: Synth Riders
Booth: 7

Description: Synth Riders is a challenging VR rhythm game where a player must hit different colored notes and note streams that fly by on either side of them. Each note is a 3D sphere that zooms by on the beat of the pulsating retro synthesizer music. Blue notes must be hit with the left hand, pink notes must be hit with the right hand, green notes must be hit with one hand only (either right or left) and orange notes must be hit with both hands at the same time. There are four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard and expert.

Company: LightUp
Experience Title: LightUp Studio
Booth: 16

Description: LightUp Studio enables anyone to discover and create their own videos showcasing their unique knowledge and personality with breathtaking augmented reality. Conjure up life-size animals, celestial bodies, and more with one tap. Record your very own augmented video mixing the real and virtual, and share it with the world!


Experience Title: #AWECore Mobile Matrix Experience

Booth: 21


Description: It's AWE's 10th Anniversary! To celebrate the largest and most reputable immersive conference, we’re going virtual this year. Enter the #AWECore Mobile Matrix Experience to connect with the VR/AR community and join our global discussion on the future of computing, May 29-31.

Company: Opal Digital

Experience Title: Shared Experience in a Mobile World

Booth: 19


Description: Watch 360 degree VR content as a shared experience – without headsets. Use mobile devices to interact, play, and shop

Company: HTC featuring Project Ghost Studios/Coal Car Studio
Experience Title: Fruit Golf
Booth: 11

Description: Play mini golf like you’ve never experienced it before – in mixed reality with fruit! In Fruit Golf players compete 2v2 as fruit-golfer and saboteur. The golfers try to make it to the end of the course in as few strokes as possible while the saboteur drops obstacles in their way.

Company: Realmax
Experience Title: Realmax ARcade
Booth: 5

Description: No quarters needed! A larger-than-life Augmented Reality experience featuring multiplayer AR Social games, laser tag, virtual graffiti, mythical beasts, and a new spin on retro arcade games. Experience it all through the 101° FOV of the award winning Realmax 100 AR glasses.

Company: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Experience Title: PlayStation Magic Lab Dynamic Spectating in VR Demo
Booth: 1

Description: Virtual reality enables many new gaming experiences, not only for the players of games but also for those who enjoy to watch. This demo illustrates some of the concepts that have been explored by PlayStation’s Magic Lab for a more dynamic spectating experience of both professional and casual games.

Company: Tactical Haptics & Reality Smash
Experience Title: Reality Smash Sweet Escape VR Climbing with Tactical Haptics Touch Feedback
Booth: 22

Description: Building on Reality Smash's VR Arcade climbing game, Sweet Escape, Tactical Haptics has developed a new climbing interaction system for portraying the most common forces experienced during climbing, such as load sharing between the user's hands as they climb and force transients experienced during dynamic climbing maneuvers. 

Company: The Raymond Corporation
Experience Title: Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator
Booth: 14

Description: Ever wanted to drive a forklift? Go 30-feet in the air and navigate real-life warehouse scenarios using the controls of a forklift. This unique, engaging learning tool uses VR on an actual forklift. Used in the warehousing and distribution industry, it helps simplify hiring, teaching and developing employees for the workplace. 

Company: WalkOVR
Experience Title:  WalkOVR - Change the Way You Play
Booth:  17

Description: Change the way you play with WalkOVR wearable locomotion solution. Forget about the controllers and enjoy the fully immersive experience by physically moving in your favorite VR games with your favorite VR headset.

Company: Ultrahaptics
Experience Title: Crystal Cave Reloaded
Booth: 8

Description: In the next iteration of Ultrahaptics’ multi-player, walkabout VR experience, users will again be able to roam around, touch mystical objects and feel unique sensations in a magical environment. Players will collect the Fire, Earth and Water elements to activate the healing powers needed to save the cave.

Company: Yaw VR Ltd.
Experience Title: The World's most compact VR motion simulator
Booth: 2

Description: Visitors can get experience with Yaw VR motion simulator in a Space Battle game