AWE Health and Safety Guidelines

As we prepare to meet in person in 2023 and hope to see you in Santa Clara, CA on May 31 - June 2, 2023,
AWE has updated the following Health & Safety Guidelines.
Following the guidelines will help ensure the health and safety of each and every AWE participant, which includes everyone
involved with AWE: sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, speakers, colleagues, volunteers & vendor partners alike.
AWE continues to monitor and adhere to the highest level of safety standards guided by WHO, CDC, State of California and City of Santa Clara COVID-19 guidelines for the USA 2023 event. 

Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines & know what to expect at AWE 2023 events.

Please note that this guidance is subject to change as CDC, State of California, City of Santa Clara, and other guidelines are updated.

Face masks/coverings are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all participants while attending the in-person event.

USA: All participants are highly encouraged to wear masks when traveling and/or using public transportation (i.e., airplanes, buses, cabs), as recommended by the CDC.

EU:  Masks are mandatory in public transports, taxis and similar passenger transports.

Booth/Stand Cleaning

Exhibitors will be expected to disinfect their respective booths and exhibits regularly using their own cleaning materials throughout the event. The cleaning standards include ALL demo equipment equipment such as headsets, eyewear, etc. which must be disinfected by exhibitors after each use prior to the next use.

Food & Beverage Services

AWE will work with food & beverage service providers in offering food in pre-packaged and/or in closed containers. Payment by credit card will be required. (No cash transactions.)

Increased hand sanitizer stations at all AWE venues.

Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout both venues and replenished regularly.

Increased Communication via Show Website, Apps, & SMS

AWE will continue to clearly communicate guidelines for AWE 2023 events through all channels, with specific details available on the show website and app and immediate or urgent messages sent via SMS.

Updated November 8, 2023

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