About AWE

AWE is the most trusted brand in XR

Since 2010, over 5000 companies and 50,000 professionals have trusted AWE to connect, learn and grow their business in the XR ecosystem - 365 days a year.

What is AWE?

It’s an AWE-inspiring community of XR professionals; An XR ecosystem marketplace where end-users meet solution providers in a curated setting:

The HQ for everything Spatial Computing including: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence-AI, bio-interfaces, haptics, 5G, streaming and more).

Every dollar spent and every minute engaged in AWE contributes to the acceleration of the XR industry, ultimately driving us closer to the goal declared by AWE cofounder:

"By 2030 Spatial computing would be a trillion dollar industry - if we harness XR+AI to fight humanity's existential threats.
There is no bigger economic opportunity."

Ori Inbar, AWE cofounder

Our mission

The AWE community is committed to pursuing the goal of 1 trillion dollar XR industry by 2030 while ensuring the outcome is a world worth living in.
Our mission is to advance Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to advance humanity. AWE’s primary Goal of 1 billion active users of AR by 2020 was successfully achieved, and for the next decade, we shift the industry’s attention to continue our mission to educate, connect, and hatch new AR initiatives in the augmented world across the globe.

Our values

  • Passion for XR

  • Collaboration and respect to everyone in the community

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Openness, security and privacy

  • Making a difference in the world

Brief History of AWE

AWE was first organized in 2010 by augmentereality.org and the primary mission was to accelerate the adoption of augmented reality by bringing together the industry: developers, creators, founders, product leads, C-level executives, enthusiasts, media and analysts.

It started with only 300 attendees and a handful exhibitors, and now, years later it has grown to thousands of attendees from around the world, hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors and an extensive network of professionals in virtual reality, augmented reality and other immersive technologies.

The annual Auggie Awards have been the most recognized AR & VR industry awards in the world since 2010 and even today continue to showcase the best of the best in augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

In 2015 the first ASIA event was organized, in 2016 the event was first held in Europe (Germany) and AWE Tel Aviv Followed in 2018. AWE Nite chapters have been created in 8 countries and 19 cities around the world. Over the past decade +, AWE has become the most valuable AR/VR global community. AWE helps you learn and connect and facilitates new business opportunities.

The AWE Council

The AWE Advisory Council is comprised of industry luminaries, thought leaders and influencers who share AWE’s aspiration of seeing XR enter the mainstream and become an essential part of our lives and work. AWE harnesses the Council’s depth and expertise in XR to curate the most important and influential people, products and ideas shaping the Spatial Computing industry and form a strong, inclusive and positive force for the future of humanity. Learn more about the council.

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