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The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) and AWE are partnering to provide the latest information and research on enterprise AR. Follow this page regularly to get more information and resources on helping enterprises create a justification to invest in AR.

Developing AR Use Cases

This use case pertains to using Augmented Reality to develop any skills and knowledge or fitness that relate to specific workplace competencies and behaviours. It can be a component of other use cases, including complex assembly, inspection, maintenance and remote assistance. The AR solution provides trainees with an augmented view of the physical product to accelerate learning and improve retention. The solution provides contextualised information in appropriate locations relative to the physical product.

  • Step by step guide to developing AR Use Case
  • AREA’s Use Case Development Process
  • AR Use Cases Worked Examples
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Enterprise AR ROI Best Practice

This report prepared by Strategy Analytics identifies the best practices of market leaders in identifying, prioritizing, and managing costs and returns on their AR investments. It provides best practices guidelines for companies to use in performing ROI analyses specifically for evaluating Enterprise AR projects and provides stakeholders with an informed starting point and working framework for conducting ROI analyses of their AR technology investments. ROI analysis is an important way to measure value and evaluate AR deployments relative to other potential technology investments.

  • Adapt to Organization’s State of Digital Readiness
  • Define & Quantify the Use Case
  • Target Specific Business Outcomes using Key Performance Indicators
  • Involve the End User in the Field
  • Identify & Involve a Champion
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Enterprise AR ROI Case Study

This document is prepared by Strategy Analytics, on behalf of the AREA, to illustrate the steps of an analyst or project leader when estimating the Return on Investment (ROI) of AR technology for a maintenance and repair operation (MRO) at a fictitious manufacturing company. This resource is made publicly available to anyone seeking to perform a comprehensive ROI study in isolation or as part of a digital transformation strategic plan. It is provided by the members of the AREA at no cost to the ecosystem of Augmented Reality technology providers, customers of AR-enabled solutions and others participating the advancement of AR adoption. The purpose is to increase understanding among stakeholders of procedures and variables to consider when measuring AR ROI. With deeper understanding across different ecosystem segments and participants, collaboration and communications towards the measurement of AR ROI improve.

  • Prepare the Business Case
  • Estimate AR Solution Costs
  • Analyze Results & Conclusions
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