12th Annual Auggie Awards

The annual Auggie Awards have been the most recognized AR & VR industry awards in the world since 2010. Now in its 12th year, the Auggies continue to showcase the best of the best in augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

Winners will be presented with a prestigious Auggie Award at the Auggie Awards Ceremony, taking place this year on November 10th at the AWE USA 2021 event in Santa Clara, California

2021 Winners Announced!

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2021 Auggie awards timeline

February 3 - September 12
Nomination Period
September 13 - October 7
Public Voting
October 15 - October 31
Judging Period
November 10
Auggie Awards
Presented at Auggie Awards Ceremony at AWE USA 2021

Winners of the 11th Auggie Awards!

2021 auggie award categories

Best AR/VR Collaboration tool

AR and VR tools for remote and in-person teamwork and cooperation

Best art or film

Art Installations or films including design concepts and documentary films and 360 video that explore the augmented or virtual world.

Best campaign

Marketing and advertising campaigns for major brands that use AR and VR.

Best consumer app

AR and VR applications available to the public in major app stores across all verticals.

Best creator & authoring tool

Designer tools, Content creation, reality capture, and publishing tools for AR & VR.

Best developer tool

Tracking & Mapping SDKs, navigation, recognition, analytics, workflow and optimization tools enabling developers to create AR & VR experiences.

Best enterprise solution

Enterprise solutions that solve business problems using AR, and VR.

Best game or toy

Connected toy or gaming solutions that enable digital interaction with the physical world or physical interaction in the virtual world.

Best headworn device

Smartglasses, head-mounted displays (HMD), goggles, heads-up displays (HUD), connected eyewear, and helmets.

Best interaction product

Input/output hardware and interaction software associated with haptics, gesture, eye-tracking, controllers, sensors, cameras, display, audio, stationary installations, hardware acceleration, connectivity, hand tracking, gaze, motion control, voice, bio-sensing, emotion and EEG solutions.

Best Societal Impact

The best use of AR or VR technologies to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world.

Best Indie Creator(s)

A celebration and appreciation of work being done by independent XR creators, including filters and experiences going beyond art.

Best use of AI

Best use of AI and machine learning in spatial computing, including computer vision, 3D mapping and reconstruction, object/text/audio recognition, semantic segmentation and understanding, virtual beings, and more.

Best in Location-Based Entertainment

Venues incorporating or defined by AR/VR experiences such as arcades, brick and mortar stores, theme parks and other attractions, concert and sporting venues, pop-up installations, and cultural institutions.

Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution

Best use of spatial computing in healthcare for hospitals, operating rooms, medical training, diagnosis and telemedicine, patient care and home care, rehabilitation, and wellness.


In addition to the 15 main Auggie Award categories, AWE is pleased to present these additional honors at AWE USA 2021. All of these categories DO NOT require organizations to submit nominations via the Auggie Portal and do not follow the same process as the 15 categories outlined above.


Honoring the winner of the AWE USA 2021 Startup Pitch Competition that takes place at AWE 2021. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges at the Pitch Competition and announced on November 10, 2021


All presenting AR companies at AWE 2021 are automatically eligible to be nominated for this award. The winner will be selected through popular vote at the show and announced on stage on November 10, 2021


All presenting VR companies at AWE 2021 are automatically eligible to be nominated for this award. The winner will be selected through popular vote at the show and announced on stage on November 10, 2021.


AWE XR will select a moonshot concept or prototype that are straight out of a Sci-Fi novel to be honored at AWE USA 2021 during the Auggie Award ceremony on November 10, 2021.

How we pick the winners

The AR/VR industry nominates products and solutions in one of thhe active categories, all of which are listed above.

All nominations must adhere to the Auggie Awards Rules and Regulations to be eligible for an award.

Selected nominees move forward to public voting which begins on September 9th.

The public is asked to vote for the nominees they wish to see as finalists in each category.

Public Voting results are used to select the five finalists in each of the active Auggie Award categories. The judging panel will have the opportunity to “save” some nominations they wish to see included as a finalist if desired.

These finalists move to the judging round which occurs from October 15th to October 31st.

Our panel of judges rate the finalists and these ratings will determine the winners for each category.

The winners will be announced on stage at AWE USA 2021 on November 10, 2021.