The AWE Playground is our 20,000 square foot AR+VR experience center featuring jaw-dropping, highly immersive and interactive demos not seen under one roof anywhere else (think more Theme Park than Trade show Expo). 

All experiences will be either a premiere, launch or an exclusive creation for the AWE Playground and an experience leveraging working technology in an engaging, fun and exciting fashion that is ready for a high throughput.

Join us in the AWE Playground in Hall D of the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Big Rock Creative

Big Rock Creative offers the best XR venues and deliver world class events in the top global markets. We bridge the divide between in-person and XR entertainment.


Athanos is bringing back 3D and updating it with today’s technology with the Athanos VIEW. We are crafting a high-resolution, ultra-comfortable viewing experience for games and entertainment and making it work on displays we currently use, such as our TVs, computer monitors, projectors, and more.

Virtual Sandtray

Virtual Sandtray®© is an in-session, mental health tool which allows for the customized creation of client's worlds. This tool provides immersion, interaction, and healing. Come have fun and see what it is all about!

Wilkins Avenue

Wilkins Avenue AR is a leading creator of premium Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, both in-store & online. We mix the physical & digital worlds. Our technology and our unique creativity can be deployed on any kind of devices, from smartphones to AR headsets.


VR made easy. Use immersive technology to boost your business. We’re on a mission to make immersive technology easy and intuitive, so that businesses can instantly benefit from VR & AR.

Chicken Waffle

Chicken Waffle is leading the industry by developing innovative solutions with high-quality branded experiences. We create the best enterprise experiences in the world for an amazing list of partners and clients!


Un/Seen is a live performance on a social VR immersive web domain. Un/Seen is a collaboration with artist Tiffany Trenda, dulce303, and composer Joseph Bishara. It was a commissioned curatorial project by DIVERSEartLA.


House of digitalization, gamification, customized digital applications, AR / VR solutions and full stack marketing services.


We harness augmented reality and emerging technology to bring engaging and entertaining stories to life. Through technology-enabled live performance, we expand on the ephemeral magic that is the nature of theatre.


Create amazing frontline solutions go beyond the desktop and change communication, work and innovation

AWE will provide the space. You provide an out of this world experience. Interested? Apply below.