Jeremy Fontana
President and Concept Creator National Geographic Night Sky Odyssey

Jeremy Fontana is the creator of the world’s first outdoor augmented reality planetarium. Seeing the opportunity of leveraging AR to demystify the night sky for large audiences, Jeremy brought together a collection of leading experts to bring this concept to life. Escapist Games, creator of the world’s most popular night sky app Star Chart, the start-up Aryzon, pioneers of the first cardboard AR headset, and National Geographic as a content and promotional partner, all played crucial roles in the development of this project. National Geographic Night Sky Odyssey is NatGeo’s first foray into AR and a best-in-class example of how AR can be leveraged for entertainment and education. After an incredible first season of sold out show in their first installation in the newly certified Dark Sky Reserve - Au Diable Vert - in the mountains of Quebec, Canada, Night Sky Odyssey is now actively working to install this concept in a series of National and State parks, wilderness lodges, resorts and cruise lines around the world.


May 29

05:30 PM - 06:00 PM

Grand Ballroom G
Gaming & Entertainment

Ground breaking example of using AR in Entertainment

Jeremy Fontana | National Geographic Night Sky Odyssey