Sabrina Kemeny
President Tap Systems, Inc.
Sabrina Kemeny is a cofounder of TAP, a high tech start-up that is changing the way people interact with the electronic world. Prior to TAP, Dr. Kemeny was a business advisor to several high tech start-ups in the Los Angeles area and an angel investor with Tech Coast Angels. She mentors young entrepreneurs in forums such as Caltech’s FloW annual competition. She was cofounder and CEO of Photobit Corporation, the industry-leading supplier of CMOS image sensors that was acquired by Micron Technology, Inc. Representing Photobit, Dr. Kemeny had primary responsibility for all aspects of the acquisition. Upon Photobit’s founding, she negotiated an exclusive license agreement with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for JPL’s camera chip technology. Dr. Kemeny recruited the core JPL active pixel sensor team and management to Photobit. Dr. Kemeny oversaw the company’s strategic business direction. She has successfully managed four rounds of equity financing and negotiated alliances with such firms as Intel, Kodak, Schick Technologies, Gentex Corporation, and Germany’s Basler AG. Before forming Photobit, Dr. Kemeny served for five years at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, winning awards for her engineering designs. She was a member of JPL's “active-pixel” image sensor development team and co invented the technology that is at the core of every cell phone camera and was to form the basis of Photobit's business. The United States Space Foundation inducted her into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for this pioneering work. Earlier, while working for Ford Aerospace & Communications, she designed the linear CCD sensor flown on the 1990 Mars Observer mission. Dr. Kemeny was profiled by TIME magazine in its November 1999 “Digital” edition and is often invited to speak on business and technology topics. She is a recipient of the Helena Rubinstein “Outstanding Women in Science” award, has published more than twenty technical papers, and holds nine patents. Sabrina Kemeny is a graduate of Columbia University, where she received two degrees and her Ph.D., all in electrical engineering. A native New Yorker, she began her career as a registered nurse and now lives in Los Angeles.