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Tap Systems, Inc. located in Pasadena, California, is the creator of Tap, the wearable keyboard, mouse and controller. Tap delivers untethered text and control input to Bluetooth-enabled devices, from wearables, smartphones, and tablets to TVs and VR/AR environments. Physical connection to the device is not required, and neither is being able to see or feel a keyboard. Tap was created by industry veterans Dovid Schick and Dr. Sabrina Kemeny to bring consumers the next big shift in input technology. Tap is a truly novel method for inputting fast, complex data and commands without using keyboards or any control surfaces. The Tap device is a comfortable wearable that sits at the base of your fingers and senses finger taps as input. Connecting to any Bluetooth enabled device, Tap users can compose text, play games, point, click and scroll using just about any available surface. Tapping is natural, ergonomic and satisfying. It is completely tactile so you no longer are enslaved to your screen and solves the input problem for XR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality). In the VR world, the device removes the need to see what your hands are doing as tapping does not require the user to aim for keys. Users can now seamlessly edit documents, create spreadsheets, compose emails and texts all within a virtual environment. As a one handed yet fast (40 to 50 wpm) data entry device, it is being used in many enterprise applications such as warehousing and assembly line data input. Tap is fully programmable. Tap Systems Inc. provides both an SDK and an easy to use mapping tool which allows users to assign any keyboard key (or set of keys) to any tap combination. Everyone from gamers to performers to enterprise users are benefiting from this capability.