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Sixense jobs
Electronic Lab Technician

The Electronics Lab Technician will work on current and next-generation tracking systems (electromagnetic and fusion with additional tracking technologies), reporting to the R&D Support Manager. They will be responsible for setup, operation and maintenance of the R&D lab (test equipment, components and products), as well as planning, performing and documenting test and design verification activities of products at the system, board and component levels. Furthermore, they will debug and perform root-cause analysis of malfunctions and failures at the system and board levels, build and perform reworks of electrical and mechanical prototypes, and perform calibration of standard and custom test equipment, among other tasks.

Algorithm Developer

The Algorithm Developer must be able to implement mathematical concepts in a testable form and to assist in selecting and porting to target platforms. They will be responsible for researching electromagnetic and other tracking technologies and propose improvements to capabilities and robustness for existing and novel tracking systems. In addition, they will research and generate mathematical concepts that provide solutions for existing and novel tracking systems, as well as translate mathematical ideas and concepts to working and testable Matlab/Python scripts, embedded firmware, and/or native (C/C++) driver code, among other tasks.

Senior Analog Design Engineer

The Senior Electronics Analog Design Engineer must be able to develop analog circuits for our various sensing technologies at applicable frequency ranges and sensitivities. They will be responsible for developing the analog sections of the Sixense tracking technology including power drivers and generating devices, sensing devices and amplifiers/filters, A/D conversion circuitry, and power supplies. Furthermore, they will design state-of-the-art analog circuitry, considering signal bandwidth and SNR levels, power & temperature, stability and performance, and power management functions for AC and battery powered product. Furthermore, they will participate in the system architectural specifications, bringing high level expertise in analog system design, translate system performance requirements to analog system specifications, and perform simulations using various analog circuit simulation tools, among other tasks.

Senior Software Engineer (Core API)

The Senior Software Engineer (Core API) will help develop, maintain, and support our Sixense Core API. The Sixense Core API is a native library, which allows developers to interface with Sixense hardware through a C API. It also includes game engine plugins for Unity, UE4, etc. The Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for developing and maintaining our Sixense Core API for current and future Sixense tracking hardware on all supported platforms, including Windows, Linux, Android, and OSX. They will also support external developers using the Sixense Core API.

Firmware Developer

The Firmware Developer must be able to develop our new embedded products in addition to supporting our legacy embedded products. They will develop, maintain, and improve Sixense firmware products for new and current electro-magnetic tracking systems, as well as implement and maintain software development and test firmware solutions. In addition, they will work closely with the Sixense engineers of various disciplines such as software, hardware, and algorithm, to define requirements, implement, and integrate on the various HW platforms.

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