Miki Levy
CEO XRHealth

Miki Levy is the Co-Founder of XRHealth, the first Certified Extended Reality Therapeutics Company with FDA/CE Registered Medical ApplicationsĀ focused on motor, cognitive, physical, psychological, postural ability and pain assessment and treatment. Miki is the CEO of XRHealth Israel and leads the R&D center in Tel Aviv. He is also the President of VR/AR Association chapter in Tel Aviv.

During a 16-year career as an executive officer in the Israeli Air Force Miki held executive and command positions and received the IDF Major General's Award of Excellence. As Advanced Fighter Squadron Commander he managed the integration of the new M-346 Trainer Jet into the Academy, a project that involved state, military and industry groups from partner nations. The project included the development of a new training strategy based on Full Mission Simulators and state of the art Computer Generated virtual environments. It also included developing training curriculum for HMD helmets in basic training for fighter pilots. That was where he understood the disruptive potential of XR.

Miki holds a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering From Shenkar College - Summa Cum Laude, and a Master of Military Operational Art and Science from US Air University.

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Miki Levy | XRHealth

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