Ross Newman
Global AI Advisor XR Safety Initiative
Ross Newman is a doctoral researcher at the Human/Machine Intelligence and Language Technologies Lab at the University of North Texas, specializing in research in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Ross’ interest in the cross-section of artificial intelligence and virtual worlds emerged from an experiment in Second Life by Linden Labs, where he attempted to create a virtual “fish tank” with fish that would grow, reproduce, and compete using genetic algorithms. After watching his first creation’s rapid demise, his intrigue into discovering a set of guiding principles for AI was firmly established. Ross’ personal interest in the moral and ethical dilemmas intrinsic to the intersection of AI and XR guides his work today.XRSI’s AI advisor, Ross Newman, helps investigate and identify critical ethical issues where artificial intelligence meets society. Ross’s work includes identifying product vulnerabilities and recommending detection/prevention strategy adjustments based on trends and patterns. Ross represents XRSI for global collaboration with international institutions for governing AI while advising on various aspects, including:Anthropocentrism in AI ethicsCorporate governance of AIExpert judgment on long-term AIGlobal strategy for AGINational security dimensions of AITransfer of safety techniques to AI projectsAfter working in the industry for a number of years, in 2019 Ross returned to the world of academia and research. His research interests include object recognition, neural network design, and defense against adversarial attacks on neural networks.


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