Uma Jayaram
Managing Director and Principal Engineer Intel

Dr. Jayaram is an entrepreneurial leader and technology executive. Her professional achievements and philosophy have evolved through three distinct spheres of work: leadership of a global engineering team at Intel; entrepreneurship as a co-founder of three start-ups; and academic research, teaching, and mentorship as a professor at Washington State University. The three companies she co-founded were in the areas of VR media experiences for sports/concerts, CAD interoperability, and VR/CAD/AI for enterprise design. The company VOKE VR was acquired by Intel in 2016.

At Intel, Uma has built teams and technologies for high-profile executions such as the first ever Live Olympics VR experience at the Winter Olympics in 2018 and experiences for world-class leagues and teams such as NFL, NBA, PGA, NCAA, and La Liga. The teams are continuing to evolve technologies for VR and Volumetric/Spatial Computing executions including media streaming & processing, cloud integrations, platform services, off-site NOC services, distribution over CDN, and SDKs for mobile apps and HMDs. Uma’s teams have a very distinctive culture that combines intellectual vitality, disciplined execution, and a strong employee-centric foundation.

Uma has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, India and was the first woman admitted to the department. She earned her MS and PhD degrees from Virginia Tech, where she recently received a Distinguished Alumna award and currently sits on the advisory board.

Uma remains deeply interested in the opportunities for digital transformation provided by emerging technologies and in bringing together technology, business models, and culture for successful outcomes.


May 26

01:20 PM - 01:40 PM

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