AWE Nites

Locally Organized AR Meetups 

AWE Nites are a place for developers, creators, investors, founders, academics, corporate decision makers and curious folk to come together locally on an ongoing basis to celebrate and help advance the ecosystem around augmented reality (AR) hub in the city. AWE currently hosts AWE Nite meetup chapters in the cities below. 

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New York City

Ori Inbar – Founder, Super Ventures & AWE.

San Francisco

Patrick Johnson – Founder, Rock Paper Reality.
Molly Portillo – Community Manager, AWE.


Carl White – Co-Founder & CEO, Meshicon Software.


Patrick O'Shaughnessey - Patched Reality.
Ron Padzensky - Senior Associate, Brainwaive LLC.


Dave Lorenzini – COO, YouAR.
Bill Mar – Founder, Special Computing.

Tel Aviv

Omri Stein – Co-Founder, ReSight.
Andrea Weir – Rev Capital.


Alex Chuang – Co-Founder & CEO, Shape Immersive.
Daniel Wan – Producer, NGX Interactive.
Danilo Correia – Community Manager AR/VR, BC Tech.

Los Angeles

Paul Rock – Co-Founder, Another Reality.
Raymond Mosco – CEO & Founder, General Immersive.
Suzan Oslin – XR Product Strategist / Designer, UXXR Designer.


Emily Smith – Digital Engagement, Nelson Education.
Ian Kelso – Co-Founder, Impossible Things.
Sophie Howe – Founder & CEO, Xesto.
Isaac Rayment – CEO, MRSV.


Shota Saito – Business Development , Graffity inc.
Toshiaki Morimoto – CEO, Graffity inc.
Yuki Kobayashi – COO & CTO, MESON inc.

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