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HiScene is a world leading provider of AR products and services, which owns independently researched and developed AI core technologies like computer vision, deep learning, and intelligent interaction, integrates software and hardware, and provides platform level industry solutions. It was founded in 2012, whose headquarter lies in Shanghai, with branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, and Silicon Valley. With the core idea of “Integrated Terminal and Cloud”, HiScene first launches SAAS mode of enterprise level AR cloud service in the industry, and also first launches AR intelligent glasses, HiAR Glasses, to achieve the seamless connection of the double engines, terminal and cloud, to promote the efficient integration and cyclic evolution of technologies, contents and commercial scenarios, and to make AR enable industries and serve lives more deeply and extensively. Nowadays, we have offered services to multiple sectors like internet, education, industry, tourism, and marketing, with hundreds of partners, including famous enterprises and institutions like BAT, Huawei, Gree, SAIC, and Meitu, serving over 1 billion users.